Read personals accounts from our team following programme visits.

05.22.19Marian Pulford
Featuring Italian Travel Destinations and Speciality Products Made in Southern Italy to Benefit Children Suffering from
05.09.19Marian Pulford
What would you do if your child was sick? Spend your life’s savings? Sleep under a tarp in a parking lot for months?
02.21.19Megan Cruise
Childhood cancer impacts the entire family, from parents worrying about their child to siblings wondering why their
02.13.19Marian Pulford
The average cost to treat a child with cancer in a low income country is only $1,000. What can you do to change a life
12.19.18Kieran Sandhu
Kieran, Marketing and Communications Manager, met Dr Nihad at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital when visiting Ghana earlier
10.12.18Kieran Sandhu
Kieran is the Marketing and Communications Manager at World Child Cancer and in September he visited Ghana for the
04.30.18Megan Cruise
Having spent several months volunteering in developing countries across Africa and Asia, Megan Cruise has been speaking
04.11.18Mark McGuinness
As well as this being my first programme visit with World Child Cancer, my trip to Myanmar was also my first visit to a
04.06.18Megan Cruise
Megan Cruise is a trained counsellor with several years’ experience of supporting children with cancer and their