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05.20.16Liz Burns
I have spent the last 10 days in Mindanao, visiting the main hospital here in Davao, and the four satellite centres
05.11.16Jon Rosser
The saddest part of my visit to Yangon Children’s Hospital was to meet a young woman called Dailiy. When World Child
05.10.16Jon Rosser
It was great to be taken to the brand new ‘classroom’ near the children’s pediatric oncology ward in Yangon. Still
05.09.16Jon Rosser
Arriving in Yangon, a city I have got to know well over the last few years, I am struck by the heat. It is building up
03.11.16Jon Rosser
We travelled up to Sylhet in Northern Bangladesh amidst the tea gardens, to see for ourselves the satellite operation
03.03.16Jon Rosser
Today I receive a call, informing me that the Vice Chancellor of the University hospital would like to meet up with me
03.02.16Jon Rosser
I have come to Dhaka in Bangladesh to see for myself the programme that World Child Cancer supports in this huge
02.05.16Jon Rosser
During a recent trip to Myanmar I was able to meet up with City Love and Hope Foundation’ – a non-for profit set up by
01.29.16Jon Rosser
Today we visited the hostel where the mothers stay whilst their child is receiving treatment. This unit is used by the