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02.03.15Liz Burns
The best part of our job is seeing the outcome of the support we give to projects. We know our colleagues around the
01.26.15Liz Burns
Remember the sinks we talked about in our previous post about Myanmar? Well here they are in action! The patients have
01.26.15Liz Burns
World Child Cancer is dedicated to supporting Dr Mae and her team as they develop the Mindanao Pediatric Cancer Care
01.24.15Liz Burns
After discussing the findings of our visit with Doc Mae we went to visit Dr Go at his private practice. The Maria Reyna
01.24.15Liz Burns
On Thursday morning we flew to Cagayan de Oro, a city in northern Mindanao. Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC), a
01.20.15Liz Burns
We began today by joining a case discussion at the ward at SPMC. Two residents presented details about seven new
01.20.15Liz Burns
We’ve had a very busy day here in the Philippines; it started with a 3.5 hour journey by road to General Santos City in
01.18.15Liz Burns
Liz and I (Ed!) are in the Philippines to learn more about the Mindanao Pediatric Cancer Care Network (MPCCN), a
01.09.15Liz Burns
When we first visited the children’s cancer ward at Yangon Children’s Hospital (Myanmar) in 2013 one of the first