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The Children’s Hospital at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is twinned with the three hospitals that World Child Cancer supports in Cameroon; Mbingo Baptist Hospital, Banso Baptist Hospital and Mutengene Baptist Hospital. The partnership aims to provide training to improve the quality of care for children with cancer through sharing knowledge and building capacity of healthcare professionals. Key staff from Leeds Children's Hospital regularly visit Cameroon to provide this training. The partnership is led by Rachel Hollis, Lead Nurse for Children’s Cancer, and Dr Sue Picton, Paediatric Oncologist at LCH. This partnership also benefits from the involvement of Stellenbosch University/Tygerberg Children’s Hospital in South Africa and paediatric oncologist Prof Peter Hesseling who has been visiting Cameroon for 17 years to help to improve services for children with cancer.

LCH is one of the UK’s largest children’s hospitals and provides a comprehensive range of specialist children’s hospital services, including treatment for children and teenagers with cancer.

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