If you would like to find out more about leaving a legacy in your will then please download our legacy leaflet or contact us.

In the developed world, we now live in a society where around 80% of children with cancer survive. However, for those in developing countries, the story is very different, and as few as 10% survive. By leaving a legacy to World Child Cancer, you will be giving the gift of growing up to children with cancer for many years to come.

‘Writing a will is vitally important in protecting the legacy you leave behind for your loved ones. By including World Child Cancer in your will, you could also support children with cancer across the world and increase their chances of survival.’ Dr. Jan Kohler

Leaving a gift in your will costs nothing in your lifetime, but it can make a huge difference to children with cancer in the future. Whatever the value of your gift, we will ensure that it will go a long way to helping children in need. You will never stop caring, and neither will we.

"Four out of five children live in developing countries where childhood cancer survival rates can be as low as 10%. By leaving a legacy you will ensure that ongoing work can continue where resources are reducing not improving." Professor Tim Eden 

If you are considering leaving a gift for World Child Cancer in your will, or have already done so, we would love to hear from you! This will allow us to thank you properly for your hugely valuable contribution. As well as supporting the 300,000 children that develop cancer each year, by leaving a legacy to us in your will you will also become a World Child Cancer Change Maker.

If you would like to find out more about leaving a legacy in your will then please download our legacy leaflet or contact us.