Highlights of 2020

2020 has presented us with enormous challenges but as the year comes to an end we'd like to celebrate incredible resilience that our team and our partners have shown in the face of Covid-19. Adapting to new ways of working and continuing to provide life-saving services for children with cancer while doing their best to guarantee the safety of healthcare staff and patients. Read on for some of our highlights from around the world:


We successfully celebrated International Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in collaboration with Lions Club International and our partners in Bangladesh. In addition to TV broadcasts, World Child Cancer and Lions Club International prepared and distributed 40,000 leaflets on early signs and symptoms of childhood cancer in the rural area in Bangladesh. Several children were brought to our partner hospitals as a result and World Child Cancer have been able to support the families with treatment and transport costs.


During September for Childhood Cancer Awareness month, mobile phone messages were sent out to 500,000 people; there were education messages on three community radios and early diagnosis brochures were updated. We saw patients referred to our paediatric oncology units from very remote parts of the country. These are children that may have never received a cancer diagnosis, or would have been diagnosed too late.


2020 saw the launch of the first Paediatric Oncology Nursing Fellowship in Ghana in collaboration with the Ghana College of Nursing. 18 nurses are currently taking part of the training and will be the first Ghanaians to gain a specialised paediatric oncology degree next year.  

The establishment of the first Paediatric Oncologist Fellowship for Pharmacists was also agreed by the board of the Ghana College of Pharmacists.   


The program developed a number of initiatives for the first time for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September. In particular, the team was able to engage with many media houses and interviews with health care staff were aired on national television and reported in national newspapers.


The registration of World Child Cancer Mexico is finally underway. The team is already developing key relationship with potential local donors. The Program Coordinator has developed an outline of the potential project activities that has been shared with the largest funder (The HelpCare Foundation) for comments.  


We have been able to rent few rooms in a hostels that families are using to avoid travel during the lockdown and to be able to continue accessing to the services at YCH. This is the first time that we have been able to provide accommodation to families in Yangon and we are hoping to be able to use this as a pilot to find a more permanent solution in the near future. 


The FCDO project officially started on the 1st of October, we will carry out the first meeting of the project Steering Committee in early December now our new Program Coordinator (Rajiv) is in post.


Thank you for your continued support.