An update from Jacob

In August 2017, we met 15-year-old Jacob whilst he was receiving treatment for Burkitt lymphoma at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Malawi.

At the time, he and his mother Brenda had recently returned to hospital after a relapse in his cancer but things are now improving for Jacob as our Program Coordinator, Mercy Mlenga explains;

“After being discharged Jacob is now only returning for monthly check ups and we were so pleased to see that he is a happy, healthy child again. When staying at hospital, Jacob was saddened that he could not attend school due to his severe abdominal pains but he has now been able to continue with his studies which has put a big smile on his face!”

Jacob’s story is one of hope, that the children we support can survive with the right treatment and care. Thanks to you, Jacob can continue to chase his dream of becoming a doctor one day.

“Jacob loves to cycle and play football but he has kept his desire of becoming a doctor so he can help children in the same way Dr Chagaluka and the team at QECH helped him.”

Thank you to our incredible supporters for continuing to give the gift of growing up to children like Jacob and so many others around the world.