Every donation doubled by the UK Aid Match – Give the Gift of Growing Up

Childhood cancer, if detected early enough, can be cured. In high income countries, like the UK, as many as 80% of children survive compared to as few as 10% in low and middle income countries such as Bangladesh.

Over 6,000 children are expected to develop cancer in Bangladesh this year yet just a fraction of these will ever receive an accurate diagnosis. Even when a child does receive an accurate diagnosis, for many families access to treatment is out of reach due to the cost of care and enormous distances to hospital. Despite a lack of trained professionals, nurses are often undervalued and their skills wasted therefore preventing children from receiving the best standard of care possible. 

World Child Cancer is changing this. We believe every child with cancer, no matter where they are born, deserves equal access to the best possible treatment and care. By training more doctors and nurses, providing essential support to families and empowering nurses we will improve standards of care and, together with your support, will give children with cancer the Gift of Growing Up

As a UK Aid Match appeal, all donations made before 30th June will be doubled by the UK government meaning your support will go twice as far.

Jon Rosser, World Child Cancer Chief Executive, says: “Every child, regardless of where they live, should receive the best possible care when it comes to every stage of cancer treatment.”

“There are already a huge number of amazing female nurses working tirelessly in low and middle income countries, and we want to inspire those in Bangladesh to feel empowered and heard in their healthcare practice to ultimately give more children with cancer the ‘Gift of Growing Up’.

Penny Mordaunt, International Development Secretary, says: “Every one of us has been affected by cancer one way or another, be that a family member or a friend being diagnosed with the disease."

“Thanks to the generous British public’s support to World Child Cancer’s UK Aid Match campaign, we can help more children in Bangladesh who wouldn’t usually have access to any form of treatment, to survive and reach their full potential.”

All children have dreams and aspirations of what they want to be when they grow up. Children with cancer are no different, which is why we are asking you to give the ‘Gift of Growing Up’ by donating today.

By giving today you will help train more healthcare professionals, support families through treatment and raise awareness of childhood cancer; helping to give more children the ‘Gift of Growing Up’. We have tripled survival rates from 20% to 60% in some of our programmes and with your support we can continue to save the lives of children around the world.

All donations made by UK residents before 30th June will be doubled by the UK government meaning your support will go twice as far. Match funding from the UK government will be used to support children with cancer in Bangladesh, whilst public donations will go towards supporting our other programmes in low and middle income countries around the world.