Meet Labeba

When Labeba became ill at eight years old, her family thought it was just a fever that would pass after a few days. As the fever persisted, the family grew more worried and took her to their nearest hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Labeba's mum remembers her daughter receiving test after test; there seemed to be no end.

After several weeks, Labeba's results came back positive for leukaemia. The whole family were scared; they didn't know much about childhood cancer and believed it wasn't curable. Labeba was treated at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), which is supported by World Child Cancer. Her treatment was intensive and lasted for over two years. The chemotherapy often made her feel worse, but she was determined to continue with it if it would make her better.

After years of treatment, Labeba eventually went on to make a full recovery and at the age of 16 returned to school to continue her education.

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