World Child Cancer Patron Receives Prestigious International Award

Tim Eden, World Child Cancer patron, has dedicated his life to improving and saving the lives of thousands of children with cancer in the low and middle income world.

The 70-year old’s tireless work has earned him the Bond Volunteer of the Year Award 2018.

Tim was instrumental in helping to set up World Child Cancer in 2007 to support children with cancer in the low and middle income world and successfully ‘twinned’ hospitals in high income countries with those in low and middle income countries. Thousands of children’s lives have been changed by accessing such support

Piera Freccero, Director of Programmes at World Child Cancer, nominated Tim

Most children were never diagnosed, misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late to be cured.  Those who did receive treatment usually did not complete it, most often because families could not afford the treatment. Tim felt that having overcome similar challenges in high income countries in the 1960s-70s, children in the low and middle income world deserved much better.  

We felt very strongly that children everywhere should benefit from what we had learned and how to avoid the mistakes we had made.

Professor Tim Eden

In the last 3 years alone, over 12,000 children with cancer have accessed improved services due to the work of World Child Cancer and Tim’s invaluable input. Tim has recruited 11 hospitals and over 60 healthcare professionals from high income countries to create twinning partnerships and volunteer their time to travel abroad and deliver training. Together, these volunteers have helped to train hundreds of healthcare professionals.

Tim, who remains a volunteer, patron and advisor to World Child Cancer, recognises how much is still left to do.

I am surprised, grateful and honoured to be awarded in this way when there are so many wonderful charity volunteers especially in International Development.

 I’ve worked in Paediatrics, specifically for children with cancer and leukaemia, since the 1970s.  To receive this award represents an acknowledgement that World Child Cancer is doing a good job and that saving more children worldwide is now being recognised as a greater priority. There are many challenges yet to overcome, not at least worldwide accessibility to safe and good quality WHO recommended Essential Medicines. We all have to continue to work hard to ensure that every child can be given a chance to live a healthy life. At 70 I feel that there is much left to do to ensure that all children with cancer, no matter where they live, can be offered a chance of a cure and reduce the suffering which I first saw over 40 years ago.

Professor Tim Eden


We are delighted to be honouring Tim Eden for the life-changing work he has been doing with World Child Cancer. The standard of shortlisted nominees in the volunteer category was incredibly diverse this year and every finalist had an inspirational story. The judges agreed that Tim’s work deserved to be recognised on a global stage and he should be deservedly proud of this award.

Mark Wright, Director of Communications at Bond


Tim Eden collected his award at a prestigious ceremony on February 26 in London.

The Bond International Development Awards form part of Bond Annual Conference, Europe's biggest international development event, bringing together diverse organisations and thinkers to share ideas and discuss emerging trends in the international development and humanitarian sectors.