Nurse Rachel Hollis retires from Leeds Children's Hospital

  • Nurse Rachel Hollis (centre) has retired from Leeds Children's Hospital

Rachel Hollis, a World Child Cancer Trustee, has officially retired from her position as Lead Nurse for Children’s Cancer at Leeds Children’s Hospital this week. Throughout her career, she has played an active role in the development of children’s cancer nursing and services across the UK during a time where survival rates have increased to over 80%.

Leeds Children’s Hospital became part of our ‘twinning’ partnership with the three Baptist hospitals in Cameroon at the beginning of 2017. This partnership, led By Rachel, aims to provide training to improve the quality of care for children with cancer through sharing knowledge and building capacity of healthcare professionals.

Although retiring from her position in the UK, Rachel will continue to advocate for better care and support children with cancer in middle and low-income countries and support our programme in Cameroon. In line with this she will be visiting Cameroon once again in May, where she will deliver a nursing workshop to further develop the treatment and support for children with cancer.  Rachel has been an incredibly dedicated and greatly appreciated supporter of our cause and we wish her all the best in her retirement.