Meet Steven

Steven was just two years old when he developed a high fever, started suffering from a shortness of breath and his hands began to stiffen. His parents took him to Namikopo Health Centre in their village where he was diagnosed with yellow fever and Malaria.  It was not until a month later when he got sick again that he was eventually referred to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, it was here that his father was first told that his son had developed Wilms' Tumour. On their first trip to the hospital, Steven’s father walked on foot with his son on his back for over 35 kilometres as the family simply could not afford the travel costs to reach the hospital and the treatment Steven so desperately needed.

Steven has three siblings who throughout his sickness were raised by their father as his mother was forced to stay at the hospital whilst her son received treatment. The family struggled to cope with the emotional and financial challenges of having a child with cancer and that led them to sell their livestock and ultimately fall into debt just to make sure Steven received the treatment he needed. It was a big relief to them when they arrived at the Oncology Unit in Blantyre and realised they could receive parent support from World Child Cancer to cover their transport costs to and from their home. They also received a welcome pack that contained basic needs each time they returned to the ward for treatment.

After months of treatment, Steven's parents and the entire team on the paediatric oncology unit were delighted to hear the news that Steven had finally completed his treatment and was declared cancer free.

Steven is happy and looking forward to going back to school. We are happy to see Steven strong, happy and healthy so that he can get back to doing what he loves - playing football, listening to the radio and playing hide and seek. None of this would be possible without your support, thank you!