Outlander Season 5 Watch Parties

Geta group of friends together in person or online to watch episodes of Outlander, and raise money for World Child Cancer! Some ideas we love for watch parties include: 

-Design Outlander decorations like tartan bunting 

-Write your own quiz and compete with fellow fans

-Dress up as a character from the show

-Cook some delicious Scottish treat like Highland Toffee, Bannocks, or Scottish Shortbread

-Make your own Outlander Bingo using an online bingo card generator

  • Fill in the squares with things you are likely to see an hear in each episode. Some ideas include: Jamie on a horse, someone playing music, someone drinking whiskey, Claire picking herbs, you get the idea!

Get Involved on Social Media

-Live tweet during the episode, or use instagram stories. Be sure to tag World Child Cancer USA in your posts!

-Share in your stories or tweets that you are supporting World Child Cancer, leading actress Caitriona Balfe's charity, and encourage other fans to do the same. 

*Click here to set up your own fundraising page to raise money for Caitriona's charity*

Top fundraisers will win special Outlander prizes including these Fraser tartan World Child Cancer pins, shirts, and more!


On behalf of everyone at World Child Cancer we would like to thank all Outlanders across the world for their amazing fundraising over the years. With the support of Outlanders, we have been able to work together with our healthcare partners to ensure that more children with cancer, and their families living in the developing world receive the best possible treatment and support.

2019 was an incredible year for Outlanders from the USA to Norway and everywhere in-between. The support that Outlanders have shown us is remarkable and they have helped us to reach out to more children with cancer living in the developing world. The activities that took place include the Go Gold Walk, auctioning of Outlander merchandise, t-shirt campaigns, and many enjoyable bake sales.

We love to hear about all the wonderful ways that Outlanders are fundraising for us, so please get in contact with us.

On behalf of our Celebrity Patron, Caitriona Balfe, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU!

If you are planning to run a merchandise campaign in support of World Child Cancer, whether it is t-shirts/calendars etc. please let us know before the campaign begins. World Child Cancer is unable to endorse any merchandise fundraising, unless we have been notified beforehand.