10 year old Anik's mother became worried when he started losing weight, experiencing high fever and vomiting. The doctor suspected he had typhoid fever however the antibiotics he was given did not work. An ultrasound examination found that his liver was growing abnormally.  Two months after this initial examination Anik was moved to BSMMU in Dhaka, from the rural village that they come from. He was admitted to the gastroenterology ward and only there a lymphoma was diagnosed, after which he was transferred to the paediatric oncology ward. In the first 15 days on the paediatric oncology ward Anik had two rounds of chemotherapy. Anik’s dad had to leave his job to follow his son in Dhaka and the family had to sell two cows in order to cope financially, they are still looking for some money in order to be able to prolong their stay and to ensure Anik can remain on treatment. The cost of treatment puts a huge financial strain on families, so along with several local donors, World Child Cancer is supporting drug subsidies to help relieve families of some of this pressure.

This programme in Bangladesh is funded by UK Aid from the UK Government.