Our Stories

Meet some of the patients, families and teams who have inspired us in our work to ensure children with cancer in the developing world have equal access to treatment and care.
Patients and Families
Kyi is eleven years old and lives with her mother, Cho, and three siblings in the Sagaing Region of Myanmar. Cho is
Patients and Families
Christina, who is almost three years old, smiles as she poses for the camera on the ward at Hospital del Nino DIF,
Patients and Families
Serwa looks on patiently as she watches her daughter play games on her mobile. Serwa would be keen to get her phone
Patients and Families
Abril’s smile beams of joy as she lays on a bed on the childhood cancer ward at Hospital de la Ninez Oaxaquena in
Patients and Families
Four-year-old Eric and his parents visited Rio Blanco Regional Hospital after he became very pale with a fever.
Patients and Families
World Child Cancer works to improvement treatment standards and raise awareness for childhood cancer in developing
Patients and Families
Hasan, like many other five-year-olds, loves to read and immerse himself in stories that allow him to explore new
Patients and Families
Samreen lays in a bed at Dhaka’s Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU). As one of the 9,000 children
Patients and Families
Farjana is an eight-year-old girl who lives in a remote village in the south-east region of Bangladesh. As she sits