Dr Francine Kouya

Dr Francine Kouya leads the work at the Banso Baptist Hospital in the Northwest province of Cameroon.

Francine arrived at the hospital in 2001 and at the time did not speak any English. She learned very quickly and after a year working on the Children’s Ward could speak English very well.

Since this she has spoken at various international Paediatric Oncology conferences around the world and has won several prizes for both her oral presentations and poster displays.

Francine trained as a doctor in Benin and recently graduated from a 4 year course in Internal Medicine at Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon. She is now the Supervisor of Paediatric Oncology for the Cameroon Baptist Convention. Currently Francine is completing her international Fellowship in paediatric oncology at Stellenbosch University / Tygerberg Children's Hospital in South Africa. This has been made possible thanks to the twinning partnership support she has been receiving through Prof Peter Hesseling and the team at Stellenbosch.