Dr Trijn Israels on the barriers to accessing treatment

Dr Trijn Israels has been actively involved in a twinning partnership with the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre, Malawi for over a decade and is dedicated to helping children with cancer in developing countries.

Now a Paediatric Oncologist at both the Amphia Hospital in Breda and the Princess Maxima Centre in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Trijn previously spent two years working as a General Paediatrician on the paediatric ward at QECH.

Trijn has been speaking about the challenges children with cancer and their families face in developing countries to access and complete treatment cycles, from distance to hospital to not being able to afford treatment at all.

Our Stop the Childhood Cancer Clock Appeal aims to help families in developing countries overcome the barriers that prevent children from accessing the treatment they desperately need. You can help give the gift of growing up to children with cancer in developing countries by donating today. Just £50 could fund training for a healthcare worker on the early warning signs of childhood cancer.