Emmanuel's story

Emmanuel is a talented student and at just eight years old he has big ambitions as he aims to become a lawyer when he grows up. His father works tirelessly to support Emmanuel and his two other children and he hopes to one day send his children on to further education by developing their farm.

Despite being like any other child his age in most ways, Emmanuel has cancer and like any parent, his father was frightened when he first heard the news.

When I heard my son has cancer, I was surprised and terrified.

At first, Emmanuel’s parents noticed a swelling on their son’s neck and took him to a local healer where he was given herbal medicine. With no improvement, Emmanuel and his parents then visited their local health clinic where he was given more medication that continued to have no effect. 

It took was almost a whole year before Emmanuel was given an accurate diagnosis at Komfe Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), which is supported by World Child Cancer. It was here that he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

With your support, we can raise awareness to give more children a faster route to better treatment. Emmanuel is now receiving treatment and his condition is improving, every two weeks Emmanuel and his father make the four-hour journey from their home to Kumasi for his chemotherapy treatment. Emmanuel hopes to soon feel better so he can play football with his friends and go back to school to follow his dreams of becoming a lawyer when he grows up.

If we had more money, Emmanuel would have been diagnosed earlier. I encourage all families to take their child to a health clinic as soon as they notice something might be wrong.