4-year old Jasmine has travelled to the city of Davao, on the island of Mindanao, with her father from the neighbouring island of Cebu. As Jasmine had been sick and having difficulties with her sight she was kept in a hammock from a very young age, and as a result was not talking or walking by herself when she arrived at the Southern Philippines Medical Centre.

She was diagnosed by the local team, led by Dr Mae Dolendo. Once her family knew that she had retinoblastoma and would need her left eye removed to save her life, her mother left and abandoned Jasmine and her father. They are now staying at the House of Hope which is accommodation that is provided for families who need it at SPMC in Davao. Jasmine has been able to finish her chemotherapy treatment and even start walking and talking. Her and her father are able to access the facilities available at SPMC including psychological support and rehabilitation. It is not the end of Jasmine’s journey, as she will need follow-up treatment to ensure that she stays in remission, and hopefully will also be able to get a prosthetic eye. Her and her father have hugely benefitted from the support at House of Hope, and the holistic care provided to them by the whole team at SPMC. World Child Cancer is funding the development of satellite centers around the island of Mindanao, to improve access to care for children like Jasmine, who often have to travel great distances to reach the care they need.