Martha's story

Martha is a three-year-old girl who, like many children her age, loves spending time with her favourite teddy bear. However, unlike many other children she also has Burkitt Lymphoma.

When Martha’s mother, Sephora, noticed her daughter had a high fever and severe diarrhoea she took her to the village health centre in Nsanje, Southern Malawi. Martha was given an injection and sent home after just two days. With no sign of the medication alleviating her symptoms of a swollen belly and eyes, Martha was eventually referred to the Paediatric Oncology ward at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre. Sephora and Martha made the 100-mile journey from home to hospital where she met Dr George Chagaluka. George diagnosed Martha with Burkitt Lymphoma and she is currently receiving treatment.

As well as having her mother at her bedside, Martha is still sticking close to her teddy bear for comfort. Just £50 could fund training for a healthcare worker on the early signs of childhood cancer, providing children like Martha a faster route to better and more accurate treatment. World Child Cancer supports some of the most vulnerable and poorest families in the world. By donating today, you can help Stop the Childhood Cancer Clock.