Meet Bayezid

Bayezid is in pain. His mother, Avi, rubs his back as he lays face down on the bed that has been his home for a month now.  

“Bayezid was very pale, he had lost weight and all his energy. We went to our local doctor to see what was wrong but all he could do was refer us to another specialist hospital – one we could not afford.” 

Families in developing countries are some of the poorest and most disadvantaged families in the world. Despite this, they are often forced to pay for childhood cancer treatment and drugs. Ava says the family were eventually told to visit Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), a hospital which is supported by World Child Cancer; 

When we met Avi at BSMMU, she told us:

“I am a housewife and my husband is a salesman in a shop so we don’t have much money. We are only here today because we borrowed money from the shop where my husband works, and we hope this will be enough for Bayezid to get better.” 

Childhood cancer can have enormous impacts on a family. Bayezid is one of four children and Avi is missing life at home with her family; 

“Home life was not easy, but it was our family. My children are all happy and would play with each other, making jokes and having fun. But since Bayezid fell ill, all the fun in our life has left us.”
“We are getting by, but with great difficulty. We don’t know how long we will be here for or how long we can continue to rely on the shop loan to pay for treatment.” 

World Child Cancer’s latest appeal to Give the Gift of Growing Up aims to help families like Bayezid’s by providing them with support to cover the cost of travel and treatment as well as dealing with the emotional impacts of childhood cancer. Many families are forced to abandon treatment when they run out of money, but by supporting families financially to complete treatment, we can significantly increase their child’s chances of survival. 

“Some days I have no idea how we will pay our hospital treatment costs from one day to the next. I am sleeping in the same hospital bed as my son whilst being far away from my home and my other children. Our only blessing is that Bayezid is getting better and we pray this continues.” 

Please donate today to help a child like Bayezid. $4 could provide them with three square meals to ensure they maintain their strength when being treated for cancer. That’s $4 that could be critical to saving the life of a child like Bayezid’s.