Meet Hasan

Hasan, like many other five-year-olds, loves to read and immerse himself in stories that allow him to explore new worlds through his imagination. However, for the last few months Hasan’s life has not been as it should.

A few months ago Hasan’s parents noticed he had a fever and after taking him to their local hospital he was diagnosed with typhoid, a disease that can usually be treated with antibiotics. Despite treatment, Hasan’s condition continued to worsen.

His parents, both of whom are teachers, were determined to find out what was wrong with their son so they persisted in taking Hasan to hospital where eventually tests showed signs of cancer. Hasan was immediately transferred to the paediatric oncology ward at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) which World Child Cancer has been supporting for several years.

After finally receiving an accurate diagnosis and the correct treatment, Hasan has now been able to go home, returning to hospital only for regular check-ups. Hasan is excited to go back to school and start reading again.

World Child Cancer is working to raise awareness of childhood cancer among healthcare professionals in Bangladesh. We empower them to gain more knowledge and share their expertise, enabling more children, like Hasan, to have a faster route to better treatment.

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