Meet Lordina

Serwa looks on patiently as she watches her daughter play games on her mobile. Serwa would be keen to get her phone back from four-year-old Lordina but these days there are more important things that she is worrying about.

Serwa tells a story that takes us back over three years ago when Lordina was just a baby at six months old. Serwa had become worried after noticing Lordina’s belly had sunken on one side and began to bulge on the other. Being so young, Serwa wasted no time and immediately took her daughter to their local hospital in search for support.

Lordina was provided with local medication which had no effect on her baby. Determined to find a solution she visited several hospitals over the next few weeks where Lordina was prescribed with more medication, herbal remedies and enemas all of which failed to cure a 'mystery disease' that could not be diagnosed by rural healthcare workers.

Serwa took it upon herself to travel to Komfe Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) where she had heard there were specialised healthcare teams who could support her daughter. Soon after arriving, Lordina was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumour.

“I was in total shock, despite visiting so many medical workers none had suggested the possibility of cancer. Once I understood what this meant for my daughter I then realised I would have to find the money to pay for treatment that I just couldn’t afford.”

Serwa was not alone in her fears as many families in the countries in which we work struggle to make ends meet when having to travel long distances to hospital, meaning losing out of income whilst away from home and paying for mounting travel and treatment costs.

Thankfully the Wilms Tumour Africa Collaboration, which is supported by World Child Cancer, was able to support Serwa by covering her treatment and transport costs meaning she could concentrate on supporting her daughter through her treatment.

It’s thanks to the incredible generosity of our supporters that children like Lordina are able to be treated and continue to enjoy their childhood. For Lordina, that means asking her mother for five more minutes on her mobile phone.