Meet Nurse Esnart

When Esnart finished nursing school in 2016 she started working at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre which is supported by World Child Cancer. She was given an upkeep allowance of 50,000 Kwacha per month (£50) which did not even cover her costs to travel to and from hospital.

Esnart eventually transferred to the QECH’s Paediatric Oncology ward and now supports Dr Chagaluka on a full-time basis. Esnart is a vital member of the ward and her salary is now funded by World Child Cancer.

“I love my job, it is such a nice ward to work on and seeing children recovering from cancer every day is so wonderful. Without World Child Cancer, many of the children we treat today would not get the treatment they need or may never had made it to hospital at all.”

QECH is supported by twinning partnerships with both the Royal Victoria Infirmary (Newcastle, UK) and VUMC Medical Centre (Amsterdam, The Netherlands). These partnerships enable medical professionals from developed countries to provide support and advice to their counterparts in the developing world.

Every 3 minutes a child dies of cancer in a developing country. You can help Stop the Childhood Cancer Clock by giving the gift of growing up. Just £50 could fund training for a healthcare worker on the early warning signs of childhood cancer, providing children a faster route to treatment.