Meet Saadri

Saadri is two and a half years old and is receiving cancer treatment at Kanti Children’s Hospital (KCH) in Kathmandu, Nepal. As she grew into toddlerhood, Saadri used to regularly get fevers and feel unwell, but otherwise everything seemed normal. When her parents noticed nodes in her neck, they knew something was wrong and decided to make the 2.5 hour trip to Kathmandu. After a number of tests, Saadri was diagnosed with cancer, and her parents were asked to stay at the hospital with her. 

Saadri’s parents made the difficult decision to sell their land and the shop they ran back home in order to pay for Saadri’s treatment. Since they no longer have a source of income, they have also taken loans from friends and relatives. Saadri’s father Khadak was deeply frustrated with the lack of availability of Saadri’s medicines; KCH’s in-house pharmacy does not always have them in stock, so he must travel to many pharmacies throughout Kathmandu in search of them. Despite the difficulty in finding these medicines, Khadak is determined to help his daughter beat cancer. He is so grateful to the doctors who have been treating her that he wishes for Saadri to become a doctor herself and help those in need. 

The high cost and low availability of essential medicines presents a major challenge for families seeking cancer treatment for their children. Combined with a lack of medical knowledge, sometimes it is too late by the time the right medicine is found. World Child Cancer provides financial support and educational services to families affected by childhood cancer to ensure that parents are equipped with the knowledge needed to properly care for their children. We also train healthcare professionals, giving them the skills to diagnose early so that children can get onto effective treatment as soon as possible. This leads to an increase in survival rates, allowing children to return to leading happy and healthy childhoods.  

You can make a difference in the lives of children like Saadri by donating today. All donations made before the 21st January will be doubled by the UK government, meaning your gift will have twice the impact on families affected by childhood cancer.