Meet Samreen

Samreen lays in a bed at Dhaka’s Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU). As one of the 9,000 children who develop cancer each year, Samreen is one of the lucky few to receive treatment.

Childhood cancer is curable, in developed countries survival rates can be is as high as 80% yet in countries like Bangladesh the chances of a child even receiving an accurate diagnosis let alone survival are far lower, but together we can change this.

Samreen’s mother, Parul, first noticed that she had an extremely high fever when she was just a few months old. Despite her mother’s best efforts in visiting various doctors, her condition did not improve until they eventually reached Nibedita Hospital where Pural heard the words no parent wants to hear, her daughter had cancer.

Following her diagnosis Samreen was referred to the paediatric oncology unit BSMMU where she immediately began to receive treatment. Her parents now hope she will eventually make a full recovery.

World Child Cancer has been supporting BSMMU in helping to improve childhood cancer treatment since 2012. During this time the number of children receiving an accurate diagnosis has doubled.

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