Meet Yvonne

  • Yvonne with World Child Cancer's Programme Assistant Eugene
    Yvonne with World Child Cancer's Programme Assistant Eugene

Christmas is a special time of year for mothers around the world. Those with new-born children who are looking forward to their first Christmas as a family and those that are now hoping to receive gifts from their children who have now grown into adulthood.

For Yvonne, this Christmas will be the first in two years that she and her son, Michael, can spend at home with their family without the worry of cancer.  Four-year-old Michael has been receiving treatment for cancer for over two years now and is now on the road to recovery. During this time his mother Yvonne has been taking jewellery making classes with other mothers on the ward.

“The classes are very good, we are all so thankful to World Child Cancer for supporting us in this way, it helps a lot. Money is very helpful, we sell the jewellery we make as we cannot work whilst we are at hospital.”

All funds raised from jewellery sales are sent directly back to the parents who make them, however, this is just one part of why the classes are so important;

“Talking to other mothers and being with them is so helpful, just talking to people the same as ourselves helps to relieve the stress. I don’t know why as our children still have cancer and the money does not cover all of our costs but it still just helps.”

Cancer can be a taboo subject in developing countries so it is important to give families the opportunity to talk to each other and reduce the burden of having a child with cancer. This Christmas, you can get your handcrafted piece of Ghanaian jewellery and support mothers of children with cancer along the way. Whether a gift from One Mother to Another or a treat for someone special, you can make the difference this Christmas.