Sonia was admitted to Mbingo Baptist Hospital (MBH) in the North West Region of Cameroon because she had been suffering with abdominal swelling for 4 months. She initially went to a general hospital and was about to have an exploratory laparotomy but her grandmother decided to bring her to MBH. At MBH she was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumour (cancer of the kidney) which had spread to her liver.

Sonia and her grandmother live in Douala which is about a 6 or 7 hour drive from Mbingo. They could not afford transportation to and from the hospital for treatment so Sonia stayed in the hospital for the first 5 weeks of treatment then moved to a self-care home close to the hospital, from where she came in every week to complete the 8 weeks of pre-operative chemotherapy. She was provided with a mattress, food items and cooking utensils. At the end of week 8 Sonia was re-admitted into hospital for surgery, after which she was able to go home. Following this, Sonia’s grandmother brought her back to the hospital every 3 weeks for her post-operative chemotherapy.

Sonia’s grandmother has been very dedicated and has never missed an appointment. Sonia completed her treatment in July 2014 and has been seen on follow-up visits every 6 months since. When she was last seen in June 2016, Sonia was a healthy and happy 5 year old girl.