Zwe is 7 years old and she suffers from a brain tumour. She lives in a rural village in Rakhine Division in the north of Myanmar with her father and mother.

After suffering headaches for three months, they visited the village doctor, who mentioned that the headaches were just temporary. When the problem persisted, they were referred to their regional hospital, which in turn referred her to Yangon general hospital (YGH). YGH decided to perform an operation on Zwe and then referred her to Yangon Children's Hospital, to the Paediatric Oncology Unit, where a brain tumour was diagnosed. Due to the brain tumour, Zwe is now blind. There is no certainty she will recover her sight. Neither parent is working in order to take care of Zwe. They have no source of income. In their words, they are financially broken and, currently, they are helped by the hospital. Zwe’s father sleeps rough in the car park of the hospital and they have no money for food. The family wants to return home, but Zwe needs an MRI to establish the present condition of the tumour. World Child Cancer is supporting drug costs at Yangon Children's Hospital to ensure that all treatment costs are covered and that this will not be a barrier for families. Even so, more support is needed to ensure that transport costs and accommodation for families is provided.