Our Founder

World Child Cancer was set up in 2007 under the leadership of Geoff Thaxter. At the time, Geoff was Director of Services for CLIC Sargent, the UK’s largest children’s cancer charity.

He was also Chairman of the international organisation representing parent support groups of children with cancer.  

During a conference in Bangladesh, Geoff and his wife Gill visited a number of children’s cancer wards and saw for themselves how little was being done for these children despite curative and palliative treatment being available at relatively low cost. One young patient with a brain tumour received only paracetamol to manage the pain. His own daughter, Lisa, had sadly lost her battle with cancer some years before and the lack of even the most basic treatment being available for children in developing countries convinced him that something could and should be done.

Geoff set to work building an international team of trustees to help create a charity which had the capacity to deliver treatment worldwide and advocate for more funding – both globally and regionally. His personal and professional experience put him a unique position to gather together the people who could help make his vision a reality. He recruited like-minded parents who had been affected by childhood cancer, along with two eminent Paediatric Oncologists with experience of delivering cancer treatment programmes in low to middle income countries, Professor Tim Eden (UK) and Dr Raul Ribeiro (USA). Geoff’s passion for the cause persuaded Gordon Morrison, a successful businessman and former Chair of CLIC Sargent, to take on the role of Chairman of the new charity.

Tragically, Geoff died in August 2008. The trustees and staff of World Child Cancer are determined to continue working towards Geoff’s vision of a world where every child with cancer, no matter where they live, has access to the best possible treatment and care. Today, World Child Cancer supports projects worldwide and is continuing to identify and develop new projects every year. We are delighted that Gill Thaxter, Geoff’s wife, is one of our Patrons.